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The “Community” Community

  Community 2.0: A Shared Experience with a Common Purpose.   It’s all about the headline. Like my colleague Cheryl Treleaven reported last week, the ComBlu crew spent some quality [...]


On Being Awesome

I had heard good things about the Community 2.0 conference in prior years, so despite how crazy it was at the office, I decided to join a small ComBlu contingent and head out to Boston last week. It [...]


Designing for Mobile Engagement

Mobile consumption is steadily on the rise and according to Quantcast it still only accounts for less than 5% of all global web consumption, with slightly less in the U.S. With that being said, [...]


My personal SXSW glossary

SXSW is an alternate universe with a unique culture. The native SXSW language is dude-speak. For example, right now I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt, and a crew is taping an “unboxing” [...]


SXSW Interactive Highlights – March 13th

After an all-day marathon of sessions and all-night parties, I must admit that it was hard to get up and get motivated for another full day of activities. Fortunately, I was able to get myself [...]


Heading to Social Central!

Austin is the “Silicon Valley” of social media. It is a hub of thought leadership, venture capital and resources for the burgeoning social marketing industry. It’s not surprising then that the [...]


Measuring Social Media is dangerous.

This blog post is the first of a three part series in which I am going to attempt in deconstructing the hype of social measurement and give some guidance on what you may want to focus on and why if [...]


Hot off the presses! Second Annual “State of Online Branded Communities” Report

  Social marketing is growing up. If I had to pick the single biggest takeaway from ComBlu’s second annual “State of Online Branded Communities” study, it’s that far more top brands are [...]


Webinar featuring highlights of the 2010 “State of Online Branded Communities” report

  Lots of good stuff in our latest research report. Join me and colleague, Cheryl Treleaven, on Wednesday, November 10 at 1:00 p.m. CST for a one-hour, live webinar highlighting key findings, [...]


A community for everyone is really a community for no one

I have an acquaintance who is in a wheel chair.  He was a former top ranked cyclist who had a severe accident that put him there.  Recently I ran into him and asked how it was going. His response [...]