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Content is a Strategy

Content is a topic of growing interest to many organizations. ComBlu recently analyzed hundreds of conversations about content (many from the Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs compiled by Junta42 this [...]


Facebook and the “Close” Factor

  A few weeks ago, the folks at Pew Internet released a study: Social Networking Sites and Our Lives. The study comes on the heels of recent claims that social networks have a negative effect [...]


Social Road Mapping

Making decisions in isolation is rarely a good idea especially decisions that impact other people. Let’s review a few possible scenarios, both big and small and see the cause and effect of [...]


I’ll Take a Side Order of Social Ethics

At the School of WOM last month in Chicago I attended several presentations about ethics in social media. I also heard WOMMA Board members and staff talk about defining and upholding ethical conduct [...]


Are You Really LinkedIn?

Be honest—how much time do you spend thinking about your actual presence on LinkedIn? Like many others, I joined LinkedIn because it was the networking tool du jour for business professionals. I [...]


There is No Box to Think Outside of Yet…

It was oh-so-déjà-vu when I returned to the office after attending School of WOM. Just like my mother would do after a long day of classes, my boss asked me: What did you learn today? As if, [...]


Thanks for the eye contact?

  Is offline engagement dead? At last week’s School of WOM in Chicago, I approached one of the speakers after a session to thank him for an interesting presentation. When we shook hands, he [...]


My SXSW Experience

  Lots of people attending SXSW this year were newbies, including me. I came because I was invited to moderate a panel about the growth and impact of social marketing budgets. (more on that in [...]


Does content value drive brand value?

For many of us, the line between online and off has disappeared.  Bandwidth is relatively cheap, public hotspots are almost ubiquitous and mobile technology and infrastructure is rapidly catching up [...]


Exceptional Customer Service and Social Media: Avoiding the Meh

As Cheryl and Jenny mentioned, I had the chance to attend the Social Media and Community 2.0 conference this month. This was my fifth year attending the conference and my fourth year speaking. This [...]