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The continued-but narrowing-Digital Divide

In a recent Marketing Profs post, some interesting information came to light. Namely, how important content is to the purchase process. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but instead of [...]


When measurement fails you

If you were to sit down in any one of these seats in the below picture, could you decipher what was going on in a reasonable period of time while at 38,000 feet?  What if your life depended on it?  [...]


We are live in 5-4-3…

When watching from the couch, TV looks, well…easy.  I have come to learn that hosting a web-based interview-format show is anything but easy.  There is a lot that goes into doing it well.  While [...]


And now a word from our members

There are a lot of blogs on social marketing, social media and word of mouth today and like bellybuttons, everyone has an opinion. Here is the thing that has bugged me for nearly the last two years [...]


The future of marketing: All roads lead to Rome

  On October 18th, I-COM, The International Conference for Online Measurement held its 2012 Global Summit. This is important because I-COM is probably the most important marketing conference [...]


The Internet of Things will drive Social Marketing

If you’ve never heard the term "’The Internet of Things’, you’d better look it up.  You see, it is IoT that is blurring the lines between our physical world and the digital world even as you [...]


Social Marketing’s innovation curve: What lies ahead.

By now, everyone has seen this Infographic.  Yes, it is complex and confusing and it should give you a headache. The tools to manage and measure activity on a socially enabled web today are [...]


The Paradox of Big Data

  Recently Gartner predicted that by 2017, marketing’s technology spend will exceed that of IT’s within the business enterprise. According to Gartner, 2011 B2B and B2C marketing budgets as [...]


Crossing the social chasm

Why don’t fad diets work? Experts say that when dieting, people become fixated on what they eat, how often and the corresponding loss of weight. Once that weight goal has been achieved and the [...]


Social is as social does

Recently I co-wrote a chapter in WOMMA’s upcoming book on measuring word of mouth and social media. In the process of writing this, it became obvious to both me, as well as, the book’s editors [...]