When watching from the couch, TV looks, well…easy.  I have come to learn that hosting a web-based interview-format show is anything but easy.  There is a lot that goes into doing it well.  While I doubt that I will ever get called up the the majors and host a network show, I am working hard to create a short format show that is both interesting and insightful.

WOMMA TV is the offspring of the ‘Socializing Media’ podcast that I did with a number of other social luminaries such as the current Chairman of the Board for WOMMA, Virginia Miracle.

WOMMA chose to partner with Comblu to make this show happen because we both believe in sharing great ideas and thought leaders we know and respect with others who share our interest and passion for doing social well.

WOMMA TV will ‘air’ once a month and you can find it here and also here.

Each episode will be on a different topic and will include at least one guest that has deep experience in that specific area.  The upcoming episode we are taping tomorrow will focus on Community Management.  We won’t take a traditional approach to talking about why you need a community management resource on your team and what are the 12 best practices that govern community management.  No, that would be too easy and not any fun.  Instead, we are going to peel back the shiny veneer of community management and delve into the unexplored and overlooked areas that lurk beneath the happy surface.

We are going to find out what gets people into trouble, what are the warning signs when things are about to go wrong and what going wrong looks like-and-how to fix it.

We’ll also explore where the boundaries of community management are and if there is such a thing as a community strategy, and what, if any role the community management team should play in formulating that strategy.

We will cover a lot of ground in our fifteen minute show, so grab a coffee or a LaCroix and settle in for some fun.

You may not agree with everything we say, but that is the idea.  We WANT to spark a debate with you!  You can share your opinion either in this blog below in the comments or instead here.  We want the audience to participate, just like we all did when we went to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror.  If you are under 38, you may have to Google this to know what I am talking about.

This week’s guest is Cait Weingartner.  And yes, she’s a community expert.  She was a featured panelist at the 2012 Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit leading a discussion on crisis management within social communities and the development of a comprehensive checklist for handling social crisis from planning, resolving and evaluating post-crisis.  So this episode should be interesting.

Tune in and enjoy WOMMA TV!

Steve Hershberger

Steve Hershberger