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Making the Case

  It’s hard to believe that we still need to make the case for social. Perhaps since we live it and breathe it every day, we just assume that our clients and prospects are all on the same [...]


Giving Back…Socially

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a local career fair sponsored by The Center for Working Women, one of many services offered by Housing Opportunities for Women, that [...]


Get the Message

A few days ago, I attended the funeral of a dear friend’s father. The funeral was held at a church I do not attend in a community about 30 minutes from my home. Before the service began, the [...]


Your taxonomy or mine?

A simplified approach to segmentation.   Our industry applies many labels to people based on known usage and behavioral patterns with social media. There are great thought leaders and researchers in [...]


#neverforget – How could we?

This weekend, The New York Times reported that in the days leading up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, #neverforget was one of the top trending hashtags, and according to social media analytics firm, [...]


Content is like an onion…and onions stink.

The words came across the telephone to me in a one-two punch.  The punches weren’t aimed at me.  Rather, I was getting to review the bout on tape delay.  It was being shared with me by a [...]


Back to School with a Bing!

As I helped my daughters prepare to go back to school, I couldn’t stop thinking about how different school is for my kids than it was for me. Even the preparation has changed so much! Items I [...]


Redefining Engagement for the Social Web

Traditionally, engagement is measured with consumption being the primary activity: watching TV, listening to the radio and reading newspapers are all great examples of how classic engagement was [...]


Sneak Peak: 2011 Online Branded Communities Study

It’s Year 3 of our annual research on the State of Online Branded Communities – and we’re in the home stretch. So I thought this would be a good time to press pause and see where we are so [...]


The People Channel

One of the chapters in our new eBook, Content Supply Chain, deals with building a diverse mix of content amplification channels. Paid, Owned, mass social and earned media all play a role in content [...]