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Coming Soon: 2010 Research Report

  We just completed analysis of the data from our second annual “State of Online Branded Communities” study. This year, ComBlu researchers scored 78 brands and joined 241 communities. We [...]


A fine lad, indeed

  My mom just turned 88 and is more tech-savvy than most of her contemporaries. She’s a whiz at on-line research and shopping, and has a slew on blogs she looks at regularly. (Don’t ask [...]


Reputation portability

If you had a great reputation as an expert in something, you probably worked hard to earn it.  Doesn’t matter if its computers or cooking. What if that reputation didn’t matter?  What if every [...]


Blago Blast!

I have a friend who started his career almost 30 years ago as a journalist. Today, he is a PR professional who isn’t quite convinced that the world of journalism and marketing has been [...]


This cupcake sucks!

I love cupcakes and gleefully embraced the cupcake phase over the last few years. I sought out the best in my home town of Chicago and tried many places and many different kinds of cupcakes. A [...]


Social’s Morning After

Like any good party, there is a period of anticipation, which then leads to excitement and if it’s really a good fling, exuberance (sometimes irrational) which can last till the wee hours, which [...]


Growing Beyond Social Experimentation

  I’ve always loved the phrase “Grandmother Research.” It’s a casual approach to gathering input about a topic of interest. The person conducting the survey asks everyone they know [...]


Flying kites

I love watching kites skip across the sky. The dips and turns delivered by the wind are both unpredictable and inevitable. One of the most interesting phenomenon about kites is that they can catch [...]


Spamming Social Marketing

Many years ago, I was at a technology conference held in Burlingame, California.  One of the panel discussions was on Spam email.  This was in 1996, so Spam wasn’t all that prevalent and frankly [...]


True drivers of community

A little girl drowned about a week ago near my weekend home. Sadly, her body has still not surfaced and the massive outpouring of help and support is the true meaning of community. While most are [...]