Thought Leadership

ComBlu is Sporting a New Look!

  At ComBlu, we believe engagement lies at the nexus of conversation, content and community. Our new website reflects that point of view.   The core of the new website [...]


The “Liquid Self” in Social Media

Without question, Facebook helped to define the notion of personal and even brand online identity.  From a personal perspective, your collection of photos, your comments and your profile present an [...]


Technology: Not just for IT

I recently attended a webinar facilitated by Social Media Today that discussed the changing dynamics of IT and Marketing. Gartner has been projecting that the CMO will spend more on technology than [...]


Delivering Effective Social Customer Service

Customer service departments have long played an integral role in the delivery of quality customer experience for brands, service providers and B2B organizations. Traditionally, they provide an [...]


Connecting with Millennials

High expectations are the hallmark of Millennials. As our ‘next gen’ workforce and leaders, these 18-34 year olds are top of mind for most organizations. While home and office give some of us [...]


Getting Back to Basics: Branding 101

Recently, we were asked by a long-term client to help them reposition their brand in the marketplace. 2014 is a milestone year for the firm as they introduce significant process innovations that [...]


When your brand is an ingredient… …your content strategy needs to reflect that

Ingredient branding is one of the core principles of B2B marketing for those companies whose products are a component of other products. It differentiates the product offerings and establishes [...]


Today’s Press Release: Different World, Same Rules

Having led numerous thought leadership and media relations campaigns, not to mention serving as the “Chief Press Release Writer” at ComBlu for more years than I care to share, I thought it [...]


The Four Biggest Content Pain Points

Thanks to Michael Brenner of SAP for allowing us to re-post my guest column on his blog, B2B Marketing Insider, which appeared on September 3, 2013 Why is Content so Painful? Brands face multiple [...]


ComBlu’s Second Content Marketing eBook Available Now!

As indicated by my colleagues Jenny and Kathy in previous posts, ComBlu’s latest eBook on Content Marketing is available now! Titled The Alchemy of Content: A Formula for Overcoming 4 Major [...]