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Take 5 – and Evaluate Your Content Strategy

  In the flurry of predictions for hot marketing trends in 2013 and beyond, you’d be hard pressed to find a story that didn’t include content at its core. Whatever the context – delivered [...]


Finding the Hidden Gems in Social Engagement

  With holiday shopping in full swing, it’s all about the great find – that hidden gem that speaks to you and more importantly, to the lucky ones on the receiving end. And that was my [...]


A Great First Date

Now that I’ve got your attention (particularly my husband’s), let me explain. A few weeks back, I was researching a company who tapped us for an RFP on thought leadership and influencer [...]


A Community to Remember

  Here on Lumenatti, my colleagues and I spend a lot of time talking about community – how it’s defined and structured, how community members are encouraged to engage with their hosts [...]


Community Crowdsourcing: Credit Card Goes Social

  Simple. Collaborative. Transparent. Not words that immediately leap to mind when talking about consumers’ relationship with their credit card companies. But that’s exactly the association [...]


The Customer Experience Disconnect

  What’s Your One Thing? That was the headline that greeted us as we checked my son in for shoulder surgery at a suburban Chicago hospital recently. The whole concept centered on prompting [...]


Engaging Strategies

With 2011 rapidly coming to a close, the year-end wrap-ups and 2012 forecasts are starting to roll in. In Ad Age, PR pros cited engagement as the key goal for 2012, as brands – and their agencies [...]


#neverforget – How could we?

This weekend, The New York Times reported that in the days leading up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, #neverforget was one of the top trending hashtags, and according to social media analytics firm, [...]


Sneak Peak: 2011 Online Branded Communities Study

It’s Year 3 of our annual research on the State of Online Branded Communities – and we’re in the home stretch. So I thought this would be a good time to press pause and see where we are so [...]


Are You Relationship Material?

  With my 25th wedding anniversary rapidly approaching (yipes), my mind has naturally been on relationships. Thinking back to all the advice we got leading up to that summer day in 1986, it [...]