Content Strategy


“Content as a business strategy” has been lagging year after year, according to the Content Marketing Institute, a go-to source of content benchmarking data. After examining the latest CMI [...]


Five Marketing Takeaways From 2019

What big marketing trends of 2019 have come to fruition? Are chatbots taking over the internet? It sure seems like it. Who owns digital transformation? Survey says…IT. What is a marketer’s [...]


Lessons Learned: Apply a Customer-Centric Framework to Content Strategy

What does it mean to be customer-centric? It means an organization’s approach to business is designed to create a positive experience for the customer. Customer-centricity is a mindset, and you can [...]


4 Trending B2B Marketing Strategies (Not Tactics) for 2019

This post was originally written by Mark Schmukler on the Marketing Insider Group blog. “Strategy without tactics is a daydream; tactics without strategy is a nightmare.” Influenced by Sun Tzu [...]


Marketing Strategists: What Levers Should you Pull in 2019?

Look at B2B marketers’ new normal: Buying Centers are officially gatekeepers to the C-Suite. Most B2B buyers have opted out of the traditional sales and marketing funnel in favor of DIY digital [...]


Elevating the Content Conversation

The one thing that is constant in our work is this: we repeatedly hear the same challenges and issues that organizations face when trying to scale content strategy. Recent discussions focus on how AI [...]


Putting Personas in Perspective

Done well, buyer personas can be fundamental to understanding your prospective customers. Marketers typically build these archetypal profiles for insights on the buyer’s decision journey which, in [...]


The Customer Journey Is Never Done

The kick-off keynote at this year’s B2BMX Conference got everybody talking. Brian Solis, who focused on the humanization of B2B Marketing, made several interesting points. Most are summarized in [...]


The Right and Fight for Privacy: Implications for Digital Marketers

Is there a privacy crisis? Yes. Consumers are coming to grips with the reality that brands, regardless of whether they have a relationship, have uncomfortable amounts of data on them. Data these days [...]


Content Bingeing Redux

One of the best sessions I attended at this year’s B2BMX conference was Ardath Albee's discussion about content bingeing. Last year, we published a post about Content Bingeing in a B2B World;  it [...]