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Community by any other definition……

Lately, I have been having a lot of conversations with people about “community”. Like many words or concepts in today’s social marketing environment, community means different things to [...]


Social Maturity Defined

From MySpace is the main place to “what’s MySpace?” illustrates how rapidly social media has evolved. Not only do network sites come and go, but the technology to share information and [...]


Keep It Simple (But not too simple)

Recently, I attended a conference and heard a speaker say that you should only have two metrics on a dashboard; the rest is just white noise distracting you from the true story of your program.  In [...]


Community Management: Not Just a Job, It’s an Investment

Last week I was talking with a client about a new community they will be rolling out and their need for a community manager. The conversation went like so many do: “Does this really need to be a [...]


Ring-ing in a New Year with Barclaycard US

Okay, it is April. But for the Barclaycard Ring team, this month marked the one-year anniversary since launching its radical “crowd-sourced” credit card. From inception, the Ring’s value [...]


We are live in 5-4-3…

When watching from the couch, TV looks, well…easy.  I have come to learn that hosting a web-based interview-format show is anything but easy.  There is a lot that goes into doing it well.  While [...]


Social Media Butler

The Sunday CBS Evening News featured a new service being offered to guests at the posh Madison Hotel in Washington, DC– a social media butler. The social media butler is being offered as part of a [...]


Reader’s Choice: The Best of Lumenatti 2012

  On behalf of my fellow Lumenatti bloggers I would like to say thank you for reading our thoughts and musings on all things social. Looking back, we had a lot to say over the last twelve [...]


Finding the Hidden Gems in Social Engagement

  With holiday shopping in full swing, it’s all about the great find – that hidden gem that speaks to you and more importantly, to the lucky ones on the receiving end. And that was my [...]


Catch Phrases from the 2012 WOMMA Summit

  My family are board game fanatics, wit “Catch Phrase” being a favorite. I constantly hear phrases that I think would be good for a professional version of the game. This happened a lot [...]