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Ello: Social Networking Without Ads

If you are like me, you are waiting for someone you know to send you an Ello invitation. Why? Ello, for lack of a more eloquent description, is an ad-free Facebook. No ads at its launch – or ever. [...]


Community Content: Primed for Improvement

As you may have read last week in my colleague Brenda Todd’s post: Community Vibrancy – What Does it Take?, our team has been spending a lot of time studying communities – again! Our research [...]


ComBlu is Sporting a New Look!

  At ComBlu, we believe engagement lies at the nexus of conversation, content and community. Our new website reflects that point of view.   The core of the new website [...]


Effective Community Managers – Do You Have What It Takes?

While reading through my Facebook newsfeed recently, a post from WOMMA caught my eye. It said: “FILL IN THE BLANK: A skill or trait that all Community Managers should have is [...]


Community Management: Not Just a Job, It’s an Investment

Last week I was talking with a client about a new community they will be rolling out and their need for a community manager. The conversation went like so many do: “Does this really need to be a [...]


We are live in 5-4-3…

When watching from the couch, TV looks, well…easy.  I have come to learn that hosting a web-based interview-format show is anything but easy.  There is a lot that goes into doing it well.  While [...]


Five Worst Practices in Online Branded Communities

  Each fall, ComBlu releases its annual “State of Online Branded Communities” report. Every summer, our researchers join about 250 communities and score them using a best practices [...]