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WOMM-U 2013: Building a Social Dashboard

I had the pleasure of speaking at a WOMMA event this past week, so I invited my friend and client Charlie Treadwell of Cisco to join me in an interactive session that covered a step-by-step process [...]


ComBlu’s Second Content Marketing eBook Available Now!

As indicated by my colleagues Jenny and Kathy in previous posts, ComBlu’s latest eBook on Content Marketing is available now! Titled The Alchemy of Content: A Formula for Overcoming 4 Major [...]


Another Blog Post about Content Marketing

Fact: Content marketing is the new darling of social business and has dominated the conversation over the last few years. The numbers speak for themselves. There were roughly 50,000 blog posts and [...]


Community Management: Not Just a Job, It’s an Investment

Last week I was talking with a client about a new community they will be rolling out and their need for a community manager. The conversation went like so many do: “Does this really need to be a [...]


When measurement fails you

If you were to sit down in any one of these seats in the below picture, could you decipher what was going on in a reasonable period of time while at 38,000 feet?  What if your life depended on it?  [...]