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Getting Back to Basics: Branding 101

Recently, we were asked by a long-term client to help them reposition their brand in the marketplace. 2014 is a milestone year for the firm as they introduce significant process innovations that [...]


Where does your content journey lead?

  Nothing speaks more to the need for understanding your buyer’s content journey than this: 70% of a purchase decision is made before talking to the company. At least that’s the case in [...]


What’s Trending?

Content marketing, location base marketing, mobile, Big Data and analytics, cloud computing, community engagement, emerging CMO-CIO partnership—which topic will dominate the media buzz in 2014? [...]


Video Is Essential

Sometimes it seems that a solid video strategy is a little like Big Foot. People claim to have seen them, but the evidence can be hard to produce. Like tracks or tufts of fur, people have videos and [...]


Hitting the High Notes At WOMMA Summit

  Just back from the WOMMA Summit in Music City – and I have to admit, I’m in the midst of post-conference sensory overload. But while I’m ‘processing’ my Nashville experience, I [...]


Everything Changes in an Instant

  It certainly was a wake-up call for me last month when Facebook announced that it was acquiring the photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion. The jaw-dropping payout was buzzed about [...]


Crossing the social chasm

Why don’t fad diets work? Experts say that when dieting, people become fixated on what they eat, how often and the corresponding loss of weight. Once that weight goal has been achieved and the [...]