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2012 State of Online Branded Communities Study – SNEAK PEEK!

It is Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and I know the burning question on everyone’s minds today: How did the top US brands stack up in Year 4 of ComBlu’s State of Online Branded Communities study? Yes, [...]


The State of Brand Advocacy Marketing

Over the last few months, the ComBlu team has been immersed in an intensive research process. Our goal was to assess the current state and maturation level of brand advocacy, identify emerging trends [...]


The Internet of Things will drive Social Marketing

If you’ve never heard the term "’The Internet of Things’, you’d better look it up.  You see, it is IoT that is blurring the lines between our physical world and the digital world even as you [...]


Top Free Social Networking Software

In the past I’ve covered how to go about selecting what social platform to use when rolling out a social strategy for your brand or product.  However, if you are someone that is just dipping their [...]


Socialympics 2012

As my colleague, Pam Flores, wrote a few weeks ago, many have dubbed the 2012 Olympic Games the Socailympics. Why? Because social media will be as prevalent at the 2012 games as bad blazers and white [...]


The Social Side of the Olympics

My entire life I have been an Olympic Games junkie. No matter if it was the Summer or Winter Games, I found myself counting down the days until the opening ceremonies, and would then watch as much of [...]


Advocates: Made or Born?

Earlier this week I had an interesting conversation with a client that I want to share. Our talk focused on the issue: Can you make community advocates or are they born? My client argued that she [...]


A Community to Remember

  Here on Lumenatti, my colleagues and I spend a lot of time talking about community – how it’s defined and structured, how community members are encouraged to engage with their hosts [...]


Spring into community

  Cheers to spring. It means gardening, baseball, sunshine, barbeques and the promise of summer. It also means that ComBlu is busy gearing up for the 2012 State of Online Branded Communities [...]


The Social Hops of a Family Trauma

When people ask about my holidays, I tell few people the truth. If they know me well, then they followed my time between Thanksgiving and the New Year on Facebook or through good old fashioned [...]