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Community 2.0: Getting on the same page

I recently attended the Community 2.0 conference in San Francisco.  I am going to try and distill my experience down into a couple of key thoughts about what I learned. 1.  Brands have begun to [...]


What would American Idol do?

So here’s the thing: I love American Idol. Maybe because when I was a kid I loved all the different amateur hours that were on TV…Ted Mack, Star Search, the Gong Show. I also love America’s Got [...]


The Right Advocate at the Right Time

Advocate identification entails more than scrubbing a customer database for demographic and transactional information. Quite often my team must defend the notion of the right advocate at the right [...]


Turning innovation over to the people

Ever look at a menu that has gobs of things on it and you still can’t find something that is appealing?  Yep, happens all the time-at least it does to me. Why is this?  It’s because even [...]