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Social Marketing is all about taking control

  Recently, Marketing Sherpa published a report that highlights social media’s effectiveness on program outcomes.  Ok, first of all, for the fifty-fifth time, Social Media is a tactic, not a [...]


What if IBM ran the healthcare debate?

  One of the first things that Sam Palmisano did after becoming CEO of IBM was to do a values gut check. Palmisano felt strongly that a refreshed values system would provide a roadmap for [...]


A Social Salute

Right before the holidays I had the honor of presenting at the All Services Social Media Conference, which was sponsored by The School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University. The event was [...]


Someone disrupted my schema!

  Vegas is like being at a party in a house with no kitchen. This statement is designed to startle your brain, which is naturally in a static state. It uses schemas to keep its carbon [...]


Social marketing takes the whole village

  Who owns social marketing initiatives?  Well, the marketing team of course! Seems like a logical answer but wrong.  To do social marketing and specifically community well, it takes the [...]


Keep that human teddy bear out of my bed, please.

  I thought it was a joke. Holiday Inn in London is offering a human sheet warming service. Apparently, some staffer dresses in a fleece suit, jumps between your sheets and warms them up for [...]


Microsoft Outlook 2010 Goes Social

Microsoft has officially released the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to the public and I could not wait to install it.  After all, ComBlu did put together a private community for Microsoft advocates to [...]


Eating the social dog food or “I wish I knew …………..I already have that report”

  Imagine that you are charged with launching a social media program for your product group. You ask your agency to develop a campaign. You think through the risks and rewards and go for it. [...]


What happened in Vegas got put into a podcast

Recently, the marketing executives interested in word of mouth marketing, viral marketing, social media and [insert your favorite term du jour here] met in Las Vegas to ponder the state of the [...]


I’m tired and my head hurts……

  But not from the usual Vegas reasons: staying up late, losing money and drinking too much. I did none of those during the three day WOMMA 2009 Summit in sin city. My excuse is too much [...]