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Making the leap from product utility to customer experience

I recently attended the latest WOMMA conference in Miami. It was an intense two days, full of knowledge transfer during various break out sessions. We explored the trends and insights of customer [...]


Community by the Numbers: Part 3

Below is a real excerpt example taken from a CPI (Consumer Performance Index) dashboard. Why am I showing this?  Simple. If you can not articulate and defend the value your community is delivering [...]


Community by the Numbers: Part 2

Consider these community facts (these are real, hard metrics from a number of brand communities but are sanitized and general for reasons of NDA).  Keep in mind, the metrics I am sharing are only [...]


Community 2.0: Getting on the same page

I recently attended the Community 2.0 conference in San Francisco.  I am going to try and distill my experience down into a couple of key thoughts about what I learned. 1.  Brands have begun to [...]


What would American Idol do?

So here’s the thing: I love American Idol. Maybe because when I was a kid I loved all the different amateur hours that were on TV…Ted Mack, Star Search, the Gong Show. I also love America’s Got [...]


Community by the numbers part one

Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. -Thomas S. Monson (1927 -  ) If you can’t measure something, [...]


Lots of Bricks; No Building

Last year, on AMC’s cult favorite, Mad Men, creative director, Don Draper, was talking about a pitch the agency was making for American Airlines. He basically summed up the effort as having “lots [...]


The Right Advocate at the Right Time

Advocate identification entails more than scrubbing a customer database for demographic and transactional information. Quite often my team must defend the notion of the right advocate at the right [...]


Decession and Social Media

Recently saw an interview with Jack Welch on Morning Joe. He commented that we need a new word for these economic times…….a descriptor that lands us somewhere between “recession” and [...]


Community: Biz or marketing strategy?

I recently did something that was risky; okay maybe even stupid. I got into a debate with a new biz prospect while making a major presentation to win their community marketing business. I can see the [...]