It is truly hard to believe that with this post, there are only five days left until Christmas! For the last couple of years, the month of December seems to fly by faster and faster for me and there is still so much to get done.

This year, the whole issue of “believing” has been very interesting for me. I have two girls—one still a firm believer in Santa, the other not wanting to grow up and give it all up. Me? I just keep believing that I will somehow get everything done in time…but that’s my own tangent. I keep skirting the issue with my older girl, throwing it back at her when she asks about Santa and telling her that you are never too old to believe in Christmas altogether.

In looking for ways to keep the whole Santa myth alive for just a little longer, I searched for some new and improved “Santa” sites via online and social channels and was amazed to find that Santa now blogs and tweets. There are also multiple ways to contact Santa before Christmas and track his trek across the world on the Christmas Eve. Most of these cater to the younger child, but we have been enjoying these sites daily (and they are a great go-to when holiday impatience kicks in):

· North A fun site that brings you right into Santa’s Secret Village offers tons of fun activities for kids, parents, teachers, and anyone that still believes! Kids can email a letter to Santa (yes, he writes back), send a postcard, read stories, play games in the Elf Clubhouse, download crafts and recipes and much more!


· Santa Another fun site chock-full of cool activities. Here kids can ask Santa questions, send a letter to Santa, get a phone call from Santa, track Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve and even check out whether they are on Santa’s Good List!

· Email Santa. This site provides lots of fun for the little ones. Kids can email their wish list directly to Santa and get a personalized note back. There are lots of activities and games, Santa’s blog, his latest tweets, etc. I love that they ask the kids to rate how good they have been and limits them to only three wish list items.

· Good ole NORAD! The old standby that we have used for years—NORAD—has become more high-tech than ever before. Kids can view Santa’s current location and next stop on Google Maps on December 24, and there will also be “Santa cams” at a number of locations around the world that will show images and videos of Santa and his reindeer as they make their journey around the world. NORAD is available on other social networks as well. This year, the kids can track Santa on Facebook, Twitter, even on your mobile device by visiting


· iSpotSanta. Yet another Santa tracker and entertainment site for the “best Santa Claus sightings all over the world.” A new Santa Claus sighting video is posted each day in December for the “25 Days of Santa.” The videos and humor on this site will engage older kids too (features Tim Conway and the Muppets!). iSpot Santa has more fun stuff on Facebook and Twitter too!

Getting a Dalmatian puppy for Christmas is probably the only way my daughter will continue believing in Santa much longer. All I can say to that is “all good things must end!” But I kept the myth alive for one last year and I’ll take it. Feel free to share your favorite Santa sites!

Happy holidays to all!

Pam Flores

Pam Flores

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