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Give Us Great Tools…and Data Too!

With 2014 being the year of “big data,” hopefully 2015 will be the year where we start using that data as part of our decision making process when creating and executing plans to connect with our [...]


Keep It Simple (But not too simple)

Recently, I attended a conference and heard a speaker say that you should only have two metrics on a dashboard; the rest is just white noise distracting you from the true story of your program.  In [...]


2013 Midyear Review

Midyear Review Every January, pundits and prognosticators predict trends for the coming year. Earlier this year, we sifted through multiple sources to glean what prophecies were being foretold for [...]


WOMM-U 2013: Building a Social Dashboard

I had the pleasure of speaking at a WOMMA event this past week, so I invited my friend and client Charlie Treadwell of Cisco to join me in an interactive session that covered a step-by-step process [...]


When measurement fails you

If you were to sit down in any one of these seats in the below picture, could you decipher what was going on in a reasonable period of time while at 38,000 feet?  What if your life depended on it?  [...]


Small Data Emerges In 2013

Social media has become a giant tool for brands to broaden their reach and generate sales. Given the amount of time customers spend on social networking sites, it’s table stakes for any company [...]


And now a word from our members

There are a lot of blogs on social marketing, social media and word of mouth today and like bellybuttons, everyone has an opinion. Here is the thing that has bugged me for nearly the last two years [...]


The future of marketing: All roads lead to Rome

  On October 18th, I-COM, The International Conference for Online Measurement held its 2012 Global Summit. This is important because I-COM is probably the most important marketing conference [...]


Three Questions to Measuring Social ROI

When it comes to measuring social media programs, everyone wants to know the same thing: How do I calculate the ROI of my program? In order to answer this question, you must take into account more [...]


Social Marketing’s innovation curve: What lies ahead.

By now, everyone has seen this Infographic.  Yes, it is complex and confusing and it should give you a headache. The tools to manage and measure activity on a socially enabled web today are [...]