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My SXSW Experience

  Lots of people attending SXSW this year were newbies, including me. I came because I was invited to moderate a panel about the growth and impact of social marketing budgets. (more on that in [...]


Exceptional Customer Service and Social Media: Avoiding the Meh

As Cheryl and Jenny mentioned, I had the chance to attend the Social Media and Community 2.0 conference this month. This was my fifth year attending the conference and my fourth year speaking. This [...]


The “Community” Community

  Community 2.0: A Shared Experience with a Common Purpose.   It’s all about the headline. Like my colleague Cheryl Treleaven reported last week, the ComBlu crew spent some quality [...]


On Being Awesome

I had heard good things about the Community 2.0 conference in prior years, so despite how crazy it was at the office, I decided to join a small ComBlu contingent and head out to Boston last week. It [...]


Designing for Mobile Engagement

Mobile consumption is steadily on the rise and according to Quantcast it still only accounts for less than 5% of all global web consumption, with slightly less in the U.S. With that being said, [...]


My personal SXSW glossary

SXSW is an alternate universe with a unique culture. The native SXSW language is dude-speak. For example, right now I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt, and a crew is taping an “unboxing” [...]


SXSW Interactive Highlights – March 13th

After an all-day marathon of sessions and all-night parties, I must admit that it was hard to get up and get motivated for another full day of activities. Fortunately, I was able to get myself [...]


SXSW Interactive Highlights – March 12th

Being a newbie to SXSW I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Don’t get me wrong, I was fully prepared for all of the crazy parties, hoards of people and all of the weirdness that Austin has to [...]


Heading to Social Central!

Austin is the “Silicon Valley” of social media. It is a hub of thought leadership, venture capital and resources for the burgeoning social marketing industry. It’s not surprising then that the [...]


Measuring Social Media is Dangerous

This is a late but timely second installment of Measuring Social Media is Dangerous. The other day I logged onto Venture Beat.  Low and behold the number of funded companies engaged in or [...]