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Sneak Peak: 2011 Online Branded Communities Study

It’s Year 3 of our annual research on the State of Online Branded Communities – and we’re in the home stretch. So I thought this would be a good time to press pause and see where we are so [...]


Facebook and the “Close” Factor

  A few weeks ago, the folks at Pew Internet released a study: Social Networking Sites and Our Lives. The study comes on the heels of recent claims that social networks have a negative effect [...]


Get With the Times

    My workday always started the same: a venti Starbucks with a side of the top dailies. I came into work at least two hours early to allow for time to devour all the news that’s fit [...]


I’ll Take a Side Order of Social Ethics

At the School of WOM last month in Chicago I attended several presentations about ethics in social media. I also heard WOMMA Board members and staff talk about defining and upholding ethical conduct [...]


You can’t measure that!

I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that every brand out there starts off looking at measurement in the same way: Measuring ROI of their social programs. In fact, brands get so consumed in [...]


Are You Relationship Material?

  With my 25th wedding anniversary rapidly approaching (yipes), my mind has naturally been on relationships. Thinking back to all the advice we got leading up to that summer day in 1986, it [...]


Measure This.

A day in the life of social measurement. Several times a day, industry experts tweet about the breaking news, insights, and cool tools on social media measurement. My colleagues curate and share [...]


Are You Really LinkedIn?

Be honest—how much time do you spend thinking about your actual presence on LinkedIn? Like many others, I joined LinkedIn because it was the networking tool du jour for business professionals. I [...]


There is No Box to Think Outside of Yet…

It was oh-so-déjà-vu when I returned to the office after attending School of WOM. Just like my mother would do after a long day of classes, my boss asked me: What did you learn today? As if, [...]


Thanks for the eye contact?

  Is offline engagement dead? At last week’s School of WOM in Chicago, I approached one of the speakers after a session to thank him for an interesting presentation. When we shook hands, he [...]