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Back to School with a Bing!

As I helped my daughters prepare to go back to school, I couldn’t stop thinking about how different school is for my kids than it was for me. Even the preparation has changed so much! Items I [...]


Redefining Engagement for the Social Web

Traditionally, engagement is measured with consumption being the primary activity: watching TV, listening to the radio and reading newspapers are all great examples of how classic engagement was [...]


Sneak Peak: 2011 Online Branded Communities Study

It’s Year 3 of our annual research on the State of Online Branded Communities – and we’re in the home stretch. So I thought this would be a good time to press pause and see where we are so [...]


The People Channel

One of the chapters in our new eBook, Content Supply Chain, deals with building a diverse mix of content amplification channels. Paid, Owned, mass social and earned media all play a role in content [...]


Content is a Strategy

Content is a topic of growing interest to many organizations. ComBlu recently analyzed hundreds of conversations about content (many from the Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs compiled by Junta42 this [...]