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Social Job Search

Before my brother, Fat, (don’t ask) lost his job, he didn’t know what Linkedin was. Fat is 53 with a stay-at-home wife, a four year old son, and a nine month old daughter. He got married for the [...]


Social Marketing is all about taking control

  Recently, Marketing Sherpa published a report that highlights social media’s effectiveness on program outcomes.  Ok, first of all, for the fifty-fifth time, Social Media is a tactic, not a [...]


What if IBM ran the healthcare debate?

  One of the first things that Sam Palmisano did after becoming CEO of IBM was to do a values gut check. Palmisano felt strongly that a refreshed values system would provide a roadmap for [...]


A Social Salute

Right before the holidays I had the honor of presenting at the All Services Social Media Conference, which was sponsored by The School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University. The event was [...]