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The Four Biggest Content Pain Points

Thanks to Michael Brenner of SAP for allowing us to re-post my guest column on his blog, B2B Marketing Insider, which appeared on September 3, 2013 Why is Content so Painful? Brands face multiple [...]


Stuck in a Content Rut? Consider Newsjacking

Like many writers, each time I sit down to develop content for our blog, I push myself to offer something new, insightful and relevant. We’ve all read bad blog posts – and no one wants to author [...]


Keep It Simple (But not too simple)

Recently, I attended a conference and heard a speaker say that you should only have two metrics on a dashboard; the rest is just white noise distracting you from the true story of your program.  In [...]


2013 Midyear Review

Midyear Review Every January, pundits and prognosticators predict trends for the coming year. Earlier this year, we sifted through multiple sources to glean what prophecies were being foretold for [...]


Profanity and Disruptive Content

  Recently, I attended a content marketing conference with a colleague and was surprised when the opening keynote speaker used the “f-word” in her presentation. I was even more surprised [...]


The continued-but narrowing-Digital Divide

In a recent Marketing Profs post, some interesting information came to light. Namely, how important content is to the purchase process. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but instead of [...]


When measurement fails you

If you were to sit down in any one of these seats in the below picture, could you decipher what was going on in a reasonable period of time while at 38,000 feet?  What if your life depended on it?  [...]


Ring-ing in a New Year with Barclaycard US

Okay, it is April. But for the Barclaycard Ring team, this month marked the one-year anniversary since launching its radical “crowd-sourced” credit card. From inception, the Ring’s value [...]


Content Pain Points: Hurt So Bad!

In 2011, we published Content Supply Chain, an eBook that laid out a strategic framework for forecasting content needs, managing production and publication and measuring its impact on business goals. [...]


When is WOM not WOM?

A few weeks ago I attended WOMMA’s WOM Fest in Chicago. During the meeting, one of the speakers, Kristian Bush from the musical group Sugarland, talked about how they have used WOM to attract and [...]