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HomeLumenatti → Reader’s Choice: The Best of Lumenatti 2012

Reader’s Choice: The Best of Lumenatti 2012

On behalf of my fellow Lumenatti bloggers I would like to say thank you for reading our thoughts and musings on all things social. Looking back, we had a lot to say over the last twelve months! 2012 was the year of content, brand advocates, community, infographics, emerging industries and innovation. I was curious to see what your favorites were, so I peeked behind the analytics curtain to find out. Below is a compilation of the top ten most popular blogs on Lumenatti in 2012. Enjoy and Happy New Year from everyone at ComBlu!

10.) Peter Duckler: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About


9.) Steve Hershberger: Social Marketing’s Innovation Curve What Lies Ahead


8.) Kathy Baughman: Brand Advocacy Redux


7.) Steve Hershberger: The Internet of Things Will Drive Social Marketing


6.) Cheryl Treleaven: Community Crowdsourcing Credit Card Goes Social


5.) Colleen Nolan: Infographic Fever


4.) Jennifer Voisard: Brand Advocates are Hot Again [infographic]


3.) Kathy Baughman: Return on Content


2.) Kathy Baughman: Content Marketing is the New Social


And number one of course…….

1.) Kathy Baughman: 2012 State of Online Branded Communities Study is here!


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