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Keep It Simple (But not too simple)

Recently, I attended a conference and heard a speaker say that you should only have two metrics on a dashboard; the rest is just white noise distracting you from the true story of your program.  In [...]


Customer Experience

A state-of-art customer experience considers multiple touch points as a connected whole rather than islands of isolated experience. Many organizations today do a great job managing individual touch [...]


2013 Midyear Review

Midyear Review Every January, pundits and prognosticators predict trends for the coming year. Earlier this year, we sifted through multiple sources to glean what prophecies were being foretold for [...]


The FTC and You

Are you sifting through the new FTC compliance rules for social engagement and trying to figure out what it all means? Really it is all about common sense. If you think about it, the rules are simply [...]