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Is Your CX Transformation a Culture-Obsessed Quantum Change or a Hologram?

This post was written by ComBlu partner Steven Keith, Founder of CX Pilots.  Leaders of professional services firms who are tasked with implementing CX programs are often looking for the best way [...]


The Customer Journey Is Never Done

The kick-off keynote at this year’s B2BMX Conference got everybody talking. Brian Solis, who focused on the humanization of B2B Marketing, made several interesting points. Most are summarized in [...]


Avoid These 12 Potential Pitfalls in CX

This post was written by Steven Keith, Founder of CX Pilots.  As the discipline of Customer Experience glides firmly into the mainstream and nearly everyone across marketing, e-Business, and [...]



In my professional life, I work with companies looking to create customer experiences that’ll help set them apart from the competition. In the process, we take a hard look at the touchpoints – [...]


Content By Any Other Name…

What do you learn when you visit nearly 100 support portals or public knowledge bases (KB) in a short period of time? Here are five observations from just such a recent journey that I took as part of [...]


Customer Service in the Social Sphere: Addressing Negative Tweets

Earlier this month, my colleague Colleen wrote a very interesting post on the Topography of Twitter Networks that laid out the six network types on Twitter and explained how each network has a [...]


Delivering Effective Social Customer Service

Customer service departments have long played an integral role in the delivery of quality customer experience for brands, service providers and B2B organizations. Traditionally, they provide an [...]


Customer Experience

A state-of-art customer experience considers multiple touch points as a connected whole rather than islands of isolated experience. Many organizations today do a great job managing individual touch [...]