Thought Leadership

Creating relationships with influencers in media, industry, academia and government is the foundation of thought leadership programs. These relationship help accelerate important conversations through third-party endorsements and amplification of your company’s stories, ideas, innovations and solutions. Being featured in the content or at the events of these highly influential organizations of people creates a halo effect that reinforces your stature and expertise.

ComBlu helps organizations create a unique POV, and then develop and execute sustainable programs that reach the right audiences through social tools, earned media and a network of influencers. We turn your internal experts into external influencers.

Earned Media Strategies:

Identifying and building relationships with influential media to amplify your story.

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  • Core messaging: creating a distinguishing point of view that pivots off emerging thought and practices that are a natural platform for organizational messages and storytelling
  • Influencer identification: pinpointing those people, media and organizations with high authority and best fit with your business objectives and developing strategies for relationship building
  • Media strategy: understanding the trending topics of interest to both the organization and targeted media to create value for each through contribution of content, insights, expertise and comment
  • Outreach: maintaining contact to optimize exposure and inclusion in important conversations and content

Speakers Bureau:

Creating opportunities to feature subject matter experts at conferences, trade shows and other venues.


Producing assets that tell compelling, differentiating stories in multiple formats and genres including white papers, eBooks, infographics and data visualizations, speaker support, blog posts, articles, research reports, POVs and other content.


Identifying and creating partnerships with aligned organizations to co-create content, research and events for exponential reach.

Thought leadership:

Differentiating your organization as an industry or category leader


Tracking contribution of earned media to achievement of business KPIs.

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  • KPI Definition: determining what constitutes program success in business terms
  • Dashboard Design: development of dashboard including metrics definition and sources, connectors and algorithms for each KPI
  • Analysis: reviewing metrics and creating path for future action
  • aro

    In my heart of hearts, I believe that ComBlu knows/understands the Community Server platform better than anybody else out here (including Telligent) and I have a high level of confidence in your ability to deliver.

  • aro

    ComBlu’s team has been with CapitalSource since the early stages of the company and has provided tremendous value through a well-executed thought leadership strategy. Hired as a partner to grow CapitalSource into a leading middle-market lender, ComBlu has exceeded expectations and remains a key asset to our future success.

    Paul Wardour
  • aro

    ComBlu has a very thoughtful and strategic approach to tracking social engagement and tying it to real business outcomes. A process that makes it much easier to track, manage and measure ongoing initiatives, as well as, provide real performance insight to stakeholders outside of marketing.

  • aro

    Simply put, you guys rock! ComBlu are truly practitioners that understand the art and science of social media, and that is so refreshing. Our social recruiting program will fundamentally change Manpower.

    James Davidson
    Digital Strategy
  • aro

    ComBlu’s quantitative approach to identifying the spectrum of evangelists — and importantly giving actionable profiles to the various personas— was far more insightful than the actual speaker at the lunch. The time spent with ComBlu was equal in value to the conference overall.

    Amy Gibby
  • aro

    I talk to firms all the time and rarely do they tell me something that I already do not know. ComBlu always teaches me something. Some of the smartest people in the business.

    Mark Studness
    Verizon Wireless