haystackCreating a roadmap for an integrated enterprise-wide content marketing initiative is job number one for Chief Marketing Officers and their senior leadership team. To be successful, marketing executives are realizing that both their roles and their organizations need to become something entirely new. In order to deliver highly personalized experiences across digital, mobile and social marketing channels to meet their customer’s needs, they are becoming brand publishers. This ensures that content is created and managed in a systematic and scalable manner. And, it means the CMO and their CIO partners need to transform outdated processes, add new resources and skill sets and select the right MarTech platform solutions to meet their enterprise growth goals.

Marketers are loathe to admit they are not up to this challenge but study after study show that too many programs are simply not performing well. These findings from a forthcoming study commissioned by Forbes Insights and conducted by The Brand Publishing Institute illustrate the problem:


To help solve these problems, there has been an unprecedented number of new technology solutions and platforms emerging. Finding the right set of solutions for your organization can be overwhelming.

In this very detailed infographic from Growthverse, over 800 firms are indexed to meet the following marketing needs.


market problems

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The site does not yet have a Yelp like recommendation, but thanks to the hard work of Kobie Fuller of Accel and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff CMO of Mozilla, researching potential solutions has gotten easier with options aggregated and organized into an easily searchable database.

So, as you plan to initiate or refine your content marketing process, there is a great place to start. While finding you r solutions needle in this ever-growing content marketing haystack is a daunting task, here’s a great place to start your journey.  Good luck.


Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch

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