My mom just turned 88 and is more tech-savvy than most of her contemporaries. She’s a whiz at on-line research and shopping, and has a slew on blogs she looks at regularly. (Don’t ask about her pass along tendencies; she forwards lots of chain emails!)

She and my dad returned home from the summer season at their North Woods cabin to find that Comcast was no longer sending any TV channels. My mom called and got through to a technician fairly quickly. They worked back and forth, rebooting and testing various things. Thirty minutes later, they had a picture. My mom quickly turned to NBC, where she thought she would find the Notre Dame game (both parents are rabid fans!). Lo and behold, no game. My mom quickly asked the technician where her game was. He claim ignorance, but told her to wait a minute. He soon reported that the game was actually on ABC this week and had already started.

My mom said, “You’re a fine lad.” His response, “I really try.”

This was old fashioned customer care at its finest. The technician worked with my mom until he solved the problem, and went a little above and beyond to ensure she could watch the game. Thanks to this fine lad, whoever you are!

Kathy Baughman
Kathy Baughman

Kathy’s forte is enterprise content strategy, content marketing and thought leadership. Over the past 40 years, she has worked with both emerging brands and large enterprises in developing content and thought leadership strategies. She has written several research reports, white papers and has been a key contributor to Forbes Publish or Perish Report.