Community 2.0 was held in Boston May 3-5, 2010.  Some interesting facts—First, there was virtually no mention of this “new technology” or that “new app.”  Second, the conference was absent of the typical avalanche of buzzwords.

Only two really stuck with me and I thought both were appropriate:  “Mocial,” meaning mobile social engagement and “Glittering Generalities,” meaning pundit speak that sounds nice but states the obvious, like “Be Authentic”; there was a tiny bit of this but not as much as I expected.  Lastly, it was a small group, under two hundred people, however, of that group, about 2/3 were senior brand team executives.  People with experience.  This wasn’t a conference where the senior people sent the 24 year old ‘newbie’ to figure this stuff out.  In large part, they came themselves.

Overall, the conference’s participants were universally higher up in the company hierarchy than any other social conference I have ever been to…did I say ever? Yes, ever!  The group in attendance was all business.

The conference was missing the usual euphoria of “isn’t this cool?!” and “this is the next new killer app.”  Participants wanted facts, figures and know how.  Great questions were asked in the work sessions and in the hallway.  In general, great answers, great processes and great learnings were shared.

The Community-Roundtable also presented a new Community Report.  Rachel Happe socialized this and it was well received.

I want to share this report with you in the hopes you’ll like it and find it helpful as well.

In case you missed the conference or didn’t follow it on twitter, here is a good recap:

Steve Hershberger

Steve Hershberger