3 Ways to Forge a Successful Marketing Career Path

This post was originally written by ComBlu’s Kathy Baughman and featured on Oracle’s blog, SmarterCX.

Along my marketing career path, I evolved from writing articles on a manual typewriter to helping B2B clients offer seamless multi-channel experiences. I started as a copywriter for a sales magazine, wrote and promoted a book, and eventually started a public relations agency. The firm has had several iterations, starting with a specialization in thought leadership programs for B2B companies. These experiences culminated in a focus on enterprise content strategy.

Starting out, I could not have predicted this path. The journey involved taking risks, seeing around corners, and course-correcting along the way. Most of all, it required being open to possibilities and not getting stuck in a continuous loop.

As we enter graduation season, you’ll hear many of the same themes from celebrity speakers and valedictorians alike:

  • Be a lifelong learner
  • Make your passion your career
  • You can be anything you want

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