While brands are embracing their roles as publishers and working to apply more discipline and structure, a consistent set of major pain points still surfaces when dealing with content strategy and the execution of the content marketing programs.

These challenges led ComBlu to develop a new e-book: “The Alchemy of Content: A Formula for Overcoming Four Major Content Pain Points” that offers a step-by-step process for overcoming four common content pain points:

ComBlu’s latest e-book was written as a companion piece to its 2011 Content Supply Chain e-book that laid out a strategic framework for forecasting content needs, managing production and publication and measuring its impact on business goals.

The new e-book delves into these top pain points and presents a method for attacking and taming each one.

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Content Development and Distribution: How to organize resources to establish an effective and efficient process.

Content Creation: How to effectively “feed the content beast” with content that resonates.

Content Cadence: How to get the publication cycle right.

Content ROI: How to make sure content is working hard enough for the investment made.