The 4th Annual “State of Online Branded Communities” Report is Now Available

ComBlu’s study of over 200 communities sponsored by 92 brands in 15 industries
shows a focus on advocacy as an engagement mission but a lack of adoption of
related best practices.

Key themes from the 2012 study
  • Brands are not “connecting the dots” between community and post-purchase advocacy
  • Some brands are starting to use content customization to personalize the community experience
  • Some brands are “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to community management
  • Top-performing brands don’t confuse the role of social and community, properly leveraging the two in an integrated ecosystem
  • Despite the maturation of the discipline, worst practices still abound

Some brands seem to be entering a new, more sophisticated
stage of experimentation, and are applying learnings from past community and social programs to the next phase of maturation.

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