Who We Are

ComBlu specializes in content strategy, community
building and thought leadership programs. We are a
recognized thought leader in all three disciplines.


Engagement is the confluence of content, conversation and community. The engagement roadmap must consider all three in order to engage from multiple gateways, enhance experience and optimize program returns.


  • Creating and executing integrated content, engagement and community strategies and roadmaps for such brands as Dell, Verizon Wireless, Intel, Microsoft, 3M, Allstate, Cisco and others
  • Turning an organization’s internal experts into external influencers through integrated thought leadership programs
  • Building relationships with influencers who can create third-party endorsements for clients’ expertise and solutions
  • Developing content journeys to maximize experience across the entire content, digital, social and community ecosystem
  • Implementing content marketing strategies aligned with business mission across the buyer’s journey
  • Activating brands’ storytellers as post-purchase advocacy channel and introducing voice of the customer/UGC as part of the content mix
  • Using social content to drive traffic and impact conversions
  • Building online communities and optimizing performance across all three pillars of engagement: Feedback, Advocacy and Support
  • Measuring the impact of content and community strategy on defined KPIs

ComBlu’s team are visionary thinkers who are known for innovation and unique strategic approaches. We consistently contribute thought leadership about a variety of topics through e-books, blog posts and industry conference presentations.