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Is SCRM really the answer?

This weekend, our family spent some time at the pool. While at there, I discussed the air show that was in town with a friend.  That’s where this idea formed.  Planes and business.  So here it [...]


Elvis has left the building…..

  When my dad was in his late teens, he played drums in Al Dvorin’s band. Eventually, Al and my dad enlisted together and went off to fight WWII. They both ended up in the Seventh Army Band [...]


Too many bricks or not enough?

Recently, my neighbor undertook a significant project.  With the warm weather, he decided to invest in redoing his back deck.  He wanted an ‘Outdoor Room’.  In talking to him, it was going to [...]


Death bed heroics are not a good long-term strategy

  Today’s  “Theory and Practice” column in The Wall Street Journal was about the shelf life of CEOs’ “hunker down” strategies. It seems that the Great Recession inspired some [...]


Community 2.0 2010: A conference where the primary benefit wasn’t just networking

Community 2.0 was held in Boston May 3-5, 2010.  Some interesting facts—First, there was virtually no mention of this “new technology” or that “new app.”  Second, the conference was [...]


Kindle’s Going Social

I love my Kindle. It’s a joy to download books while I’m stuck on the tarmac or sitting on the beach. As a road warrior, it’s wonderful anytime I can jettison poundage from my carry-on, and the [...]


Badges? We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!

Everyone knows the line.  It’s a classic.  Why is it important?  Because as social media makes its inevitable evolution from interesting tactic to its grown up form, social marketing; badges, [...]


Jerry must have used Budget

There’s a Seinfeld episode where Jerry rents a car only to find out when he goes to pick it up that there’s no vehicle available for him. Following I paraphrase the episode. Seinfeld goes up to [...]


Social Job Search

Before my brother, Fat, (don’t ask) lost his job, he didn’t know what Linkedin was. Fat is 53 with a stay-at-home wife, a four year old son, and a nine month old daughter. He got married for the [...]


Social Marketing is all about taking control

  Recently, Marketing Sherpa published a report that highlights social media’s effectiveness on program outcomes.  Ok, first of all, for the fifty-fifth time, Social Media is a tactic, not a [...]