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When Will They Learn?

It is a good thing that we are still surprised to read certain stories or hear of certain actions, and my most recent surprise was reading that Samsung was fined for paying people to specifically [...]


Stuck in a Content Rut? Consider Newsjacking

Like many writers, each time I sit down to develop content for our blog, I push myself to offer something new, insightful and relevant. We’ve all read bad blog posts – and no one wants to author [...]


ComBlu’s Second Content Marketing eBook Available Now!

As indicated by my colleagues Jenny and Kathy in previous posts, ComBlu’s latest eBook on Content Marketing is available now! Titled The Alchemy of Content: A Formula for Overcoming 4 Major [...]


Journey Work: Make sure you plan the right trip

  By now, everyone knows all the mantras about content: · Content is the new “social.” · Content is the core asset of social marketing. · Brands are publishers. · Content is [...]


Coming Soon…ComBlu’s 2012 Online Branded Communities Study

At ComBlu, the dog days of summer means that we are hard at work on our annual research on the State of Online Branded Communities. We are in year four of our study that closely examines the [...]