Community Building

Today, people use the term “community” to describe the networks that matter to them. Community is not so much a destination as it is an ongoing conversation through multiple channels. Engagement and advocacy requires knowing who comprises your organization’s community of influence. Understanding who matters, knowing how to reach them and building sustainable relationships is both art and science.

ComBlu works with brands, associations and service organizations to identify, recruit, activate and engage their communities to drive achievement of their missions.

Community Building:

Defining the role of influencers and advocates in driving business mission. This includes:


  • Community mission and constituent definition: developing the purpose of the community and defining who should be included
  • Advocate and influencer Identification: identifying both internal and external influencers and advocates; understanding how to promote internal influencers and how to tap the influence of external opinion leaders
  • Recruitment and outreach approach: identifying, recruiting and activating advocates and influencers
  • Advocate segmentation: matching advocates with specific traits for defined activities

Engagement Roadmap:

Creating a deep, meaningful engagement  roadmap that keys off business needs and mission and stimulates high-value actions that results in tangible business value. This includes:


  • Engagement strategy: identifying where, when and how to engage target  communities
  • Amplification approach: optimizing content amplification through right mix of paid, earned, partner, shared and owned media channels

Engagement and community management:

Ongoing personalized interactions with influencers and advocates.


  • Engagement assets: creating content and campaign assets
  • Rewards and recognition: developing the return motivators that keep advocates and community members involved
  • Community governance and playbooks: defining the rules of the road for internal and external resources


Creating internal communities and socializing processes to drive employee
engagement and performance.


  • Employee ambassador mission: defining the role of employees in driving customer affinity
  • Ambassador identification: recruiting employee ambassadors using proven, replicable methodology to identify and activate those with the right behavioral attributes for the mission
  • Socialized business processes: decrease costs or increase revenue through elimination of higher cost legacy processes and systems

Engagement Ecosystem:

Choosing the right platforms and tools to streamline and facilitate engagement. This includes:


  • Business requirements and platform review: identifying the tools that provide the functionality that delivers against strategy
  • Ecosystem optimization: making the nodes and platforms of the engagement ecosystem work together efficiently and effectively
  • Turn-key engagement and community hubs: developing and customizing digital engagement platforms
  • Responsive design: optimizing assets for an omni-channel environment

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    ComBlu’s team has been with CapitalSource since the early stages of the company and has provided tremendous value through a well-executed thought leadership strategy. Hired as a partner to grow CapitalSource into a leading middle-market lender, ComBlu has exceeded expectations and remains a key asset to our future success.

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    ComBlu has a very thoughtful and strategic approach to tracking social engagement and tying it to real business outcomes. A process that makes it much easier to track, manage and measure ongoing initiatives, as well as, provide real performance insight to stakeholders outside of marketing.

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    Simply put, you guys rock! ComBlu are truly practitioners that understand the art and science of social media, and that is so refreshing. Our social recruiting program will fundamentally change Manpower.

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    ComBlu’s quantitative approach to identifying the spectrum of evangelists — and importantly giving actionable profiles to the various personas— was far more insightful than the actual speaker at the lunch. The time spent with ComBlu was equal in value to the conference overall.

    Amy Gibby
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    I talk to firms all the time and rarely do they tell me something that I already do not know. ComBlu always teaches me something. Some of the smartest people in the business.

    Mark Studness
    Verizon Wireless