Featured Article: How Do You Manage Content Quality?

How Do You Manage Content Quality?

With the vastly increasing amount of content that brands must create daily, consistently producing high impact content is a huge challenge – particularly when content is created by many parts of the enterprise. Maintaining content quality standards, instituting appropriate governance, operationalizing content and optimizing content’s role in the customer experience are some of the topics addressed at the Acrolinx Content Connections 2017 conference I attended in San Jose, which brought together senior content strategists from leading brands.

Here are some conference highlights.

Eliminate ROT. The keynote from Sirius Decisions set the tone with their latest research showing where B2B content marketing is headed. Not surprising, B2B continues to lag in adopting fundamental elements for success – including content strategy, operations and technology. One of their most requested services is to conduct content audits which revealed again and again that up to 65% of all content created is useless. They cited three main reasons:

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