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WOMMA Talk 360

No spoiler alert needed: The major themes of WOMMA’s Talk360 Summit were trust and authenticity. Edelman’s most recent Trust Barometer uncovered that today’s consumers have lost faith with [...]


Given the shift towards consumerization and customer-centric marketing, the state of today’s digital experience is anything but consumer friendly. When I say “Digital,” I am referring to the [...]

How Do You Manage Content Quality?

With the vastly increasing amount of content that brands must create daily, consistently producing high impact content is a huge challenge – particularly when content is created by many parts of [...]

Media Relations Update: Crafting an Effective Email Pitch

A while back I wrote a blog titled The Original Word of Mouth about the power of a phone call as a tool to cut through the electronic clutter in trying to reach reporters. Making phone calls to [...]

Part 1: Getting started with content personalisation

This post was originally written by ComBlu's Kathy Baughman and featured on, Gather Content. ComBlu is a founding member of The Big Content Alliance (BCA), along with AvenueCX.  BCA was formed to [...]

Putting Your B2B Buyers’ Journeys to Good Use

In modern marketing, journeys replace the traditional funnel as a more dynamic tool that provides insights into each member of a buying team. The funnel is too linear for today’s more active and [...]