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Content in 2018 and Beyond

This was originally published on, by Kevin Nichols, a Big Content Alliance Partner.  One of my favorite LinkedIn influencers, Tom Goodwin, recently wrote in a LinkedIn post: [...]

Ready for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? 2018 is the Year of “Press Pause”

This post was originally written by ComBlu's Kathy Baughman and featured on Oracle's blog, Smarter CX. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will take over mundane tasks across the [...]

How to Create and Execute a Content Hub Strategy?

This post was originally written by Tom De Baere on his blog, B2B Marketing Experiences.  Online competition is intense. Soon, great content is only going to make it to page 3 of Google. [...]

Avoid These 12 Potential Pitfalls in CX

This post was written by Steven Keith, Founder of CX Pilots.  As the discipline of Customer Experience glides firmly into the mainstream and nearly everyone across marketing, e-Business, and [...]


This summer I immersed myself into the drama and intrigue of the evolving B2B Buyer. I read several recent sizzling studies and papers from a variety of sources designed to examine the state of B2B [...]

Mixing Social in Media Relations

Engaging and pitching reporters via social media can be a tricky thing, and it is something I’ve largely avoided simply because I was not sure how to go about it. So, I recently participated in a [...]