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Engagement is just another word

  At the end of last year, we were invited by the CMO of a very huge retailer to tout our wares. Our dog-and-pony very quickly turned into a conversation with a lot of probing and debate. At [...]

Evolve or be left behind.

Honesty and transparency. From a customer’s point of view, these two words are essential for a great experience from original research, to purchase to consumption. We want what we think we are [...]

Is it really good or only relatively good?

  I sometimes feel like Diogenes searching for an honest man. Only I’m looking for an honest benchmark. What’s that? A yard stick for social marketing performance that tells me if a program [...]

Dell and Twitter: Bada-ching!

There is a debate bubbling up on this topic.  Why?  I really have no idea. In March Dell was able to generate $1,000,000 in revenue and cultivate 100,000 followers for their @delloutlet handle.  [...]

Somebody get Bill Ford to read this

Ford Motor company’s biggest competitive marketing weapon is a doddering 100 year old.  Actually it is about 100,000 doddering 100 year olds. The other day I went to a meeting and the person I [...]

Artificial Flatness

This morning I had breakfast with a gentleman named Karl who is a thought leader in organizational development and human capital and an all around good fellow.  I’ve reconstructed our in this blog [...]