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The Gravity Rule

When helping brands and organizations think through community strategy, we are asked a handful of questions by almost everyone. They fall into three major categories: · Overall approach and program [...]

The Tower of Babble

There is a story about the Tower of Babel in which a great tower was built in the city of Babylon thousands of years ago. Babylon was a cosmopolitan city, many of the citizens were very impressed [...]

Thought leadership in a digital world

So here’s the thing: I talk to tons of people every day. Some want to chat about community strategy; others want my grandmother’s recipe for strawberry mess. (It’s yummy) Community and cooking [...]

Making lasagna with spaghetti noodles

I love everything about spaghetti. I love throwing it on the wall to see if it’s cooked. I love slurping the long noodles straight from my plate down my gullet. I even love wiping the excess sauce [...]

Part Two: YES!

  Last week we talked about cultural readiness for social marketing. In this follow-up post, we will look at how various experts recommend getting a YES! from legal and compliance for a social [...]

Two Part Series: Social Business Readiness

  As I mentioned in a previous post, ComBlu is analyzing the state of social marketing in large corporations. One thing that is clear at this juncture is that whole industries have yet to do [...]