Content strategy organizes the out of control spinning and “more is better” cycle of the content vortex. It allows your association to press pause and determine the best places to invest your resources, time and energy.

Most association members are bombarded with messages and publications from multiple directions simultaneously. New products are developed and new regulations are implemented, new content is published and pushed to members making it difficult for them to find the content they want and need, when and how they want it.

Association managers do not fare much better. They are working harder than before, producing more content than ever and constantly falling short of goals. Staff are overworked and mission remains unfulfilled. An integrated content strategy is one of the best assets that associations have to address the three most pressing business priorities: recruitment, rentention and revenue generation.

ComBlu’s latest eBook Taming the Content Vortex: An Association Guide for Adopting Content Strategy, covers key topics essential to embracing content strategy and using it to focus on the:

  • Basics of content strategy
  • Content strategy value proposition
  • Challenges that inhibit content success
  • Content pain points specific to associations
  • Common association approaches to content and frequent missteps
  • Seven steps to a content strategy

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