Verizon Wireless Voices Influencer Program

Drive awareness and preference for the Verizon Wireless network and incent product trial.


  • Seed “hot” wireless devices, new accessories, and content assets with influencers/bloggers and amplify their experiences
    through social networks.
  • Engage select groups of bloggers (by lifestyle segments) to:
    • Experience Verizon products and services.
    • Share their honest opinions about them.
    • Access Verizon content via multiple robust engagement ecosystem.
  • Amplify digital content through influencer blog and other social assets (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc.).
  • Align campaign/mission strategy to featured devices and business mission.


  • Generated more than a total of 256.9 million impressions with 380 bloggers.
  • Drove preference: Post-program survey responses from influencers indicated:
    • Likeliness to recommend both brand and devices nearly doubled from 50% to 96%.
    • Education, exposure to the brand, and opportunity to use products and service transformed many influencers into true brand advocates.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Created system to identify and screen influencers, onboard and orient them.
  • Organized and facilitated in-person kick-off event.
  • Developed and maintained private community as influencer engagement hub.
  • Created FTC compliance guidelines.
  • Developed and executed engagement activities and served as community manager.
    • Stimulated storytelling (i.e., missions, promotions, on- and off-line events).
  • Measured program ROI.
  • Refined approach per insights, metrics and member feedback.