Microsoft CSS Center of Excellence

Standardize community strategy tools across Microsoft and for advocate identification and segmentation.


  • Overlay multiple studies and research to discover core concepts that would drive taxonomy and standardized processes.


  • Created practical standards, tools and rules for community managers to apply when designing and managing community programs from strategy to execution, as well as measuring community ROI.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Developed standards and best practices for advocate taxonomy and segmentation, mapped customer engagement methodologies throughout the product life cycle, applied best-in-class reputation management models and measurement definitions and applications.
  • Overlaid data from extensive community and literature research, surveys and studies and direct feedback from Microsoft top community performers.
  • Determined advocate taxonomy, appropriate segmentation mix and aligned engagement behaviors by audience and community mission.
  • Identified and mapped advocate engagement roles throughout the product life cycle by audience and community mission.
  • Recommended best-in-class gamification and rewards and recognition practices, both intrinsic and extrinsic by audience and mission.
  • Developed a framework to map KPIs to community mission and align meaningful metrics.