Merck Pharmaceutical

Integrate social into the marketing mix.


  • Adopt a COE approach to social.
  • Use interactive workshops as a channel for brainstorming and discussion between legal, compliance, product and marketing leaders.


  • Seeded a way for the company to explore how social media can effectively integrate into the company’s communications strategy while aligning with FDA guidelines

ComBlu’s Role

  • Developed a two-day workshop to include a wide spectrum of professionals and disciplines in the conversation so people could make decisions from a common base of insight and knowledge. The workshop included:
    • Exploring the full consumer social media universe and how various elements are or could be applied to the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Reviewing how to understand the way consumers are already engaging around healthcare topics.
    • Debating the best way to join the vast online healthcare conversation.
    • Examining the pros and cons of various approaches.
    • Assessing how the FDA could view various program elements.
    • Performing exercises to use knowledge in a practical way.