Manpower Social Listening

Develop criteria for social monitoring vendor selection.


  • Use social listening to learn about market dynamics and create approach for expanding share of voice on key issues and topics.


  • Provided insights into the social conversations taking place across industries and key venues.
  • Developed methodology for engaging in conversations.
  • Shared insights into the competitor landscape.
  • Rolled out program across the corporation.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Conducted extensive interviews with key stakeholders to determine pertinent industries, top competitors, occupations, themes, trends and employment issues.
  • Researched the social landscape including competitor analysis, industry specific topics and trends, influencers and key venues.
  • Built topic stacks for three different lines of business.
  • Developed customized dashboards.
  • Conducted social presence mapping and designed weekly report template.
  • Presented learnings and recommended actions to guide long-term strategy and program rollout.
  • Developed criteria for social monitoring vendor selection.