Manpower Professional

Socialize the candidate sourcing and recruitment process and increase the ratio of placements to jobs.


  • Simplify access to job postings and provide social tool kit that facilitates sourcing and filling openings.
  • Use advocates as early adopters and to serve as mentors to the rest of recruiter base.
  • Provide tools and training to help recruiters grow candidate base.


  • Significantly decreased time to fill open jobs.
  • Increased number of consultants on assignment.
  • Increased number of jobs filled.
  • Increased revenue per recruiter.
  • Used pilot insights to enhance recruiter onboarding and streamline recruiter UX.
  • Extended pilot to enterprise-wide operational model.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Designed and executed a pilot as proof of social recruitment business model.
  • Created shareable content for each recruiter to make it easy to build a social profile (recruiter profile pages with a personal URL, easily accessible content library, etc.).
  • Worked with Manpower’s internal technology team to integrate middleware that simplifies access to open jobs and provided easy “one click” socialization of opening to professional contacts, connections and networks via a single dashboard.
  • Created a private social recruiter advocate community to provide tips, techniques, schedule training calls, host content library, etc.
  • Tracked overall performance of pilot against KPIs and monitored contributions of each participating recruiter using our
    SPI™ measurement dashboard.