Manpower Facebook Strategy

Grow and leverage a Facebook fan base to drive brand awareness in key markets and industries, increase the number of candidates on billing and improve job fulfillment rates.


  • Pilot social media approach with Facebook and grow to include other mass social assets.
  • Create an integrated Facebook strategy that provides corporate content, tools and resources to regional recruiters and candidates and creates both a consistent and personalized experience.


  • Built a solid foundation for expanded social marketing program.
  • Provided a pathway for ongoing engagement with a six million-candidate database.
  • Established a cohesive Facebook presence while still allowing content personalization at the local level.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Developed a comprehensive Facebook playbook specific to Manpower. Playbook included:
    • Policies and procedures for establishing satellite Facebook pages.
    • Templates for Facebook design.
    • Best practices in engagement, moderation and measurement.
    • Content guidelines and resources
    • Measurement dashboard to monitor overall performance.
  • Designed a custom Facebook platform.
  • Used a content syndication approach that creates a 90:10 ratio of corporate-to-regional content for local pages.
  • Set policies and procedures for establishing new local pages with guidelines to ensure a consistent look and feel.
  • Provided local pages with the ability to customize content relating to regional jobs and news to deliver the most relevant information to local job seekers.
  • Developed guidelines and best practices for governance, administration, content and measurement.
  • Provided training to local offices for effective planning and execution of Facebook pages so they could effectively use Facebook as an engagement tool.